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This is the Hard Thing Podcast.

Overcome Average. Step Up Above Mediocrity.

Hear our latest episode about overcoming difficulty and creating a better life for yourself through challenge and struggle, strategically, of course.

Monday Episodes

On our Monday episodes you hear from host Justin Lewis, and guests that have gone through or accomplished hard things.

We’ve had great conversations with recovering drug addicts, with ultramarathon runners, with people who have backpacked across South America and more.

These episodes are very valuable because you get to hear from people who have been down in the trenches and, not only survived, but thrives by doing hard things. Hopefully, this shortens your learning curve and gets you to where you want to go much faster and helps you overcome your difficult things.

Thursday Meditations Show

Our Thursday episodes are different. Instead of hearing from experts, you hear from me.

The name Thursday Meditations comes from Marcus Aurelius. Known as the last of the good Roman Emperors, Marcus believed and practiced stoicism.

That practice led him to create the book Meditations which functioned as a journal of sorts, but also as a self-help guide to living a good life, and being a good ruler.

I am no emperor. I’m not even a writer. I’m just like you. These are just some of my meditations and observations about how to live life well.

“I found The Hard Thing Podcast a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a game-changer. I am an individual who loves routines, structure and overcoming obstacles. This podcast highlights so many things I find myself consistently thinking about and presents them in applicable ways! I think we’ve all struggled with mediocre attitudes or behaviors in the past and this show can help you get out of that habit! I’ve implemented a few suggestions and discovered numerous ways I can improve! Thank you for this podcast! Keep up the great work! #OvercomingAverage

– MerriedGuy, Apple Podcasts Reviews

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